Before beginning the process of international transportation, one needs to obtain important information about the destination. It is necessary to have knowledge about the currency value of that nation, the difference in time zone, some typical terms used in shipping industry, and such others. Limco logistics has some useful tools that can help you gather some information about these. Some are listed below:

  • Air Cargo Calculation - This tool will help you to find out the DIM weight (dimensional or volume weight) of your cargo. DIM weight is used by airlines to determine freight revenues.
  • Container Dimensions - This calculates the internal and external dimensions, which is usually common with all containers. A slight variation may be seen depending on the carrier.
  • Incoterms - This is an acronym for International Commercial Terms. They are sales terms used throughout the world. Limco logistics has basic compilation of these terms.
  • Cargo Tracking - Limco logistics provides facility for tracking your goods at any stage of shipment.
  • Importing Portal - Simple cloud-based solutions for importing
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