Shipping Goods and Equipment to West Africa

Africa has long been considered the cradle of human life, and the progenitor of human civilization. Shipping to West Africa was one of the first forms of practical mercantile business in the course of human development, and over the countless generations since, international shipping has made great strides toward incredible reliability and innovation.

If you have merchandise or commercial goods that you need to get to West Africa from the US or Canada, or if you plan to take advantage of the growing economic viability of the region and are moving to West Africa from the US or Canada, you need a top-tier shipping logistics company to manage the process for you. You need a shipping representative to tackle all of the many details that come up with any international shipment, to make the process work smoothly for you.

Here is a small sample of the many things that Limco Logistics can do for you and your shipment.

Management And Shipment Coordination

One of the most difficult aspects to international shipping is keeping track of the thousands of moving parts necessary to getting a shipment from Point A to Point B. Limco Logistics representatives have extensive experience managing and coordinating all of the moving parts of many different types of shipments.

A Limco representative will manage your shipment from pick up through loading, departure and to the time it sets sail. From there, your Limco representative will keep tabs on your shipment, and help guide it through West African customs. From there, your representative will ensure that your shipment is transported to its exact destination as quickly as possible.

Navigating The Murky Regulations Of International Customs

International customs is one of the most burdensome parts of shipping things overseas. With more than 190 different nations around the world, a logistics representative needs to keep themselves apprised of the different and varying import and customs laws of all of them. For West African nations, especially, it can be difficult getting any shipment through customs, between each nation’s own laws and the many regulations required by the United Nations.

Limco representatives have extensive experience in navigating the customs departments of West African nations, and our longstanding relationships allow us a great amount of aptitude in busting through the red tape involved in any international shipment.

Door To Door Service

Limco offers our clients door to door service, meaning that we will manage and coordinate your shipment from your door to the door of its destination.

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