Container Shipping to Ukraine

For thousands of years, mercantile trade has been the premier method of international interaction, doing what all of the wars and diplomats could not – forge and foster a greater, more peaceful level of relations between nations and tribes. This fact holds true even through the 20th century and 21st century, as the collapse of the old Cold War sensibilities has led to a huge, massively beneficial establishment of trade between the old Soviet satellite countries and nations in the Western World.

Because of this, shipping to Ukraine and other former Soviet satellites is not only easier than ever before, but it is especially beneficial to the bottom line of your company’s exporting division. Ukraine is a company whose economy is on the rise at a time when few countries can say the same.

But arranging any international shipment can be an overwhelming, time consuming process that can present a seemingly infinite number of potential disasters if you are not careful, or have not fully planned out everything. By missing even one seemingly insignificant, minute detail, you can derail an entire shipment and destroy your profit margins in the process.

Contract with an experienced, reputable international shipping logistics company like Limco Logistics, to ensure that your shipments get to where they need to be with no headaches or hassles at all.

Here are two great reasons to choose Limco Logistics to help you manage your international shipping to Ukraine today.

Help Clearing Customs Regulations

One of the biggest hurdles to the success of any international shipment is customs regulations for more than 196 different countries. For the Ukraine, especially, the last thing that you want is to have your shipment stuck in a customs inspection warehouse for weeks on end, because you did not know a part of your shipment was prohibited by regulations. A Limco representative can help you determine what aspects of your shipment meet regulations, and which ones do not. This can then help you alter your shipping manifest in order to fully comply with regulations and get your shipment into Ukraine without delay.

Full, Comprehensive Service

Also, Limco Logistics can offer you a fully integrated, comprehensive service package that will help you manage the entire process of your shipment. From picking up the shipment at your front door, to crating and loading it onto a freighter, to unloading it the dock and then arranging final transport, let Limco Logistics handle your freight needs, shipping to Ukraine or to anywhere else.

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