Shipping To Tin Can Island

Believe it or not, shipping was one of the first businesses that human civilization ever developed. Before there were even nations and countries as we know them today, there was international trade. Maritime trade is a practice that has been around for untold generations of human civilization, and here in the 21st century, we have developed an incredibly sophisticated system for moving goods of all types to and from all parts of the world. And, we can do this safely, efficiently and in an affordable, cost effective manner that will help any company meet their bottom line when opening their products to the world market.

Yet shipping your goods and products overseas is not just a simple matter of cramming boxes onto a sea freighter and letting it set sail. There is an overwhelming amount of logistical work and planning that must go into creating a comprehensive shipping manifest that gets your products from your warehouse door to overseas marketplaces.

When shipping to the small island port of Tin Can Island, ensure the smoothest shipping operation possible and contract with an experienced and reliable international shipping logistics company.

Limco Logistics offers full consultation throughout the pre-shipping and shipping process to ensure that every aspect of your international shipment goes according to plan, and that it arrives into port in Tin Can Island safely and securely. Located in the South Pacific, Tin Can Island is a tiny port island between American Samoa and Fiji that is situated perfectly for a middle point between ports in the Americas and in Southeast Asia or Australia. It also serves as a sort of clearing port for many of the goods that filter through Micronesia.

Limco Logistics has longstanding relationships with the leading shipping companies and freight companies in the world, and these relationships allow us to tailor an international logistics plan to get your goods from your warehouse door to Tin Can Island fast, safely and hassle free.

We also offer an industry leading live tracking system that allows our clients to track their shipments over the Internet, in real time, 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. You can take advantage of this incredible tool to manage your own production schedules for future shipments, ensuring that your goods are delivered in the right amounts on a sensible schedule. Remember, basic economics dictates that too many of your goods in port drives down demand, and ultimately the price of your goods.

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