Overseas Cargo Shipping to the Middle East

Trade to the Middle East has always played a part in the US and Canada’s economies. For decades, trade has continued despite wars and internecine conflicts of all different types. Today, trade between the Middle East and the US continues to flourish, despite continuing tensions between the Western world and the Middle East.

This is to the great credit of the wonders of trade. However, any international shipping endeavor is incredibly complex, and should not be undertaken lightly. Getting your shipment from your front door to your destination in Riyadh, in Dubai, in Kuwait, Aqaba, Beirut or anywhere else in the region takes a considerable amount of logistical planning and forethought. Let an experienced international shipping logistics company help guide you through the process.

Whether you have a shipment of commercial goods, industrial materials or personal belongings, let Limco’s team of experienced logistics representatives help you deliver your shipments to anywhere in the Middle East. Keep in mind that there are a number of regulatory hurdles to clear for all things shipping into various ports of call throughout the Middle East. Save yourself time, money and a whole lot of hassle by utilizing our services and knowing ahead of time what can and cannot be shipped into the Middle East.

Our clients enjoy flawless and efficient door to door service, which will help get your belongings or goods from your warehouse door to any port in the Middle East safely, easily, hassle free. From the time it is picked up for delivery, your Limco representative will work with you the entire way, managing your shipment through arrival into port, through customs, and then on to its final destination via air, rail or truck freight or marine insurance.

Limco offers to its clients an unparalleled live shipment tracking system. This allows both you and us the ability to monitor your shipment live, in real time, over the Internet. Through this powerful tool, you can keep tabs on your shipment from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

Use Limco Logistics to ensure that your shipments to anywhere in the Middle East go smoothly, arrive safely and clear customs efficiently. Our trained and experienced staff of shipping representatives will help get your shipments to the Middle East as easily as possible.

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