Ocean Freight Cargo to The Caribbean Islands

Since the first European explorers began charting trade routes to the New World, the Caribbean Islands have been the focal point for international trade. This is has gone on for centuries now, and here in the 21st century, all of the islands that make up the Caribbean chain are crucial to trans-Atlantic and overseas shipping.

If you are moving to the Caribbean Islands, or you simply need to get a shipment of goods or other assorted items there, let an experienced shipping logistics company help smooth out the process for you. Any international shipment comes with a fair amount of unforeseen complexities, at least unforeseen for those not experienced in managing shipments all over the globe 24 hours a day. This is where utilizing the services of a Limco Logistics international shipping representative can save you time, money and frustration for your shipments to the Caribbean Islands.

Here is just a small sample of what Limco Logistics can do for you and your shipment.

Management And Coordination

Limco representatives are experienced in creating a full, comprehensive plan for your shipments. To the uninitiated, it can seem as though the only thing to international shipping is simply loading cargo onto a boat, and setting sail. It is not that simple.

A shipment must be picked up from the point of departure, packaged, cataloged and loaded onto a sea freighter. Once it arrives in the port of destination, a shipment must be unloaded, where it will have to clear customs. Once certified through local customs, any taxes, fees, duties or levies must be paid for the shipment. Following this, the shipment must then be loaded onto some other means of transport to get it from the port into the interior of the Caribbean Islands.

Customs Clearing And Regulatory Expertise

Honestly, one of the most difficult tasks with managing an international shipment is clearing customs and ensuring that your shipment complies with all local regulations and import restrictions. This is where utilizing the services of Limco Logistics can help you get your shipment into the Caribbean Islands quickly and without hassle. We will work with you prior to packaging your shipment to ensure that all possible hurdles have been cleared prior to your shipment arriving in a Caribbean Island port.

Door To Door Transport Service

Limco also manages your shipment from your front door to the door off its ultimate destination. We will pack your shipment for its overseas voyage, and unload it for final transport to its delivery point.

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