Shipping your Cargo to Qatar

There has been a steady increase in foreign workers in Qatar over the last few years. A large part of the draw is the strength of their economy and the potential to earn good money. If you are intending to or considering a move to Qatar then you will need to think about the various methods of shipping to Qatar. There are a variety of regulations which will need to be complied with and it is best to enlist the help of a professional shipping company, such as Limco Logistics. Professional businesses like this have a vast amount of experience in shipping to Qatar, or a host of other destinations. They will be able to help you understand the process.


Almost every country in the world has the same basic restrictions on firearms, recreational drugs and flora and fauna. However, Qatar also restricts the importing of the following items:

  • Any type of alcohol.

  • Products made of Pork as they will not fit with their religious beliefs.

  • Any product which is made of or has Ivory in it.

  • Communication devices.

On top of this the officials at the border may censor or confiscate any type of reading or entertainment material. To aid the process of importing you should have a list of all your films and details of the plotline; including the main actors. Any computer related products will need to undergo a separate set of inspections and rules.

Important Documents

There are some personal documents which are vital to bring with you when you arrive in the country. This includes a check to show you have not engaged in criminal activity, a certificate to confirm you blood group along with a complete set of medical records. It is also a good idea to bring proof of your highest qualification to date.

Importing your vehicle

Many people moving abroad like to take their own vehicle with them, there is a comfort involved in having your own vehicle with you, especially as you know its history. However, before you organize shipping it to Qatar it is worth looking at the rules and regulations:

  • You must register and be confirmed as a resident before you start the process of importing and registering your vehicle. Assuming you are only intending to use the vehicle for personal use then there will be no tax charge. Your pre-own vehicle should be at least three years old.

  • It is worth noting that the summers in Qatar get very hot; you must be certain that your vehicle can cope with this.

  • You must be able to show the car was legally yours before you started the shipping process.

  • The vehicle will need to have valid insurance.

  • You need to be in possession of the original registration document.

  • Proof of your purchase, confirming the date of purchase and the amount paid.

There are a lot of factors which need to be taken into consideration before you start shipping to Qatar. This can make it seem a difficult and time consuming task. However, if you use the services of Limco Logistics then you will find all the stress and hassle is removed, leaving you free to focus on everything else involved with such a big move.

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