Philippines Shipping

The rise of digital technology has made the world a much smaller place, you cannot be based in any country and ship your goods anywhere in the world. Some countries have had to rapidly adjust their facilities to cope with the increase in packages. Countries which have developing economies appear to be the most affected. The Philippines is a prime example of this; their biggest port is Manila but there are a variety of smaller ports which are quickly adapting and allowing shipping to the Philippines from almost anywhere in the world.

If you need to get something shipped to the Philippines it is best to use the services of a professional contractor. They will know all the relevant legislation which you need to comply with. Limco Logistics can supply all the information and forms you will need to successful transfer anything to the Philippines; whether your classic car or a three piece suite.

Important Documents

The following documents are essential as they provide a valid reason for the transfer of your property:

  • Proof that you are entitled to live in the Philippines and a permit if necessary.

  • Confirmation that you are entitled to work in the Philippines, if this is relevant.

  • Your passport which should confirm when you lasted visited the Philippines

  • A complete list of the items you are shipping, it is important to mention if they are pre-owned.

If the reason you wish to move these items to the Philippines is because of an impending move you may find it necessary to supply some additional documentation. It is also important to ensure you arrive in the Philippines before your items; this will help to resolve any issues during the customs inspection. The majority of items can be transferred without any tax being due. However if you have several of the same item, particularly larger ones, then you may be liable for tax.

Restricted Items

Every country has restrictions on what can and cannot be imported and exported. You should not send anything to the Philippines if it appears on the following list without seeking advice from your courier:

  • Parts for an automobile; whether new or used.

  • Electronic communicating equipment

  • All kinds of flora and fauna and wildlife

  • Medicine.

  • Imitation firearm

  • Any kind of drugs, even prescription medication

  • Currency which is not genuine

  • Anything which can be used for gambling.


Vehicle Shipping

There are some strict regulations regarding shipping your favorite vehicle to the Philippines. This is because there are strict rules regarding automobiles for all residents of the country; you will need to comply with all of them. This may seem difficult, for instance if you are used to owning several vehicles you will quickly realize that there is a limit of one for each family.

Before you are able to import your vehicle into the Philippines you will need to acquire a special permit. This must be obtained from the Import Service and can only be issued in the Philippines! You must also comply with several rules and supply certain documents:

  • You should be the registered owner of the vehicle for the last year and have not lived in the Philippines during that year.

  • Your vehicles must be less than five years old

  • You’ll need the official registration document for your vehicle

  • Proof that you own the vehicle and that there is no outstanding finance

  • A permit allowing you to bring the vehicle onto the Philippines; this should show your unique engine number.

Shipping to the Philippines is possible, providing you use the services of Limco Logistics. They can walk you through each step of the process and make sure your shipment arrives where and when it should.

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