Shipping to Kenya

The best way of shipping to Kenya is by using the services of a professional shipping company. Limco Logistics has a reputation for being one of the best and most reliable services; they will happily help you organize the best route for your precious possessions to ensure they arrive safely and comply with all the necessary legislation. This also includes choosing the right port as there are several in Kenya.

The Rules

It is generally acceptable for personal items to be imported tax free if you are already a resident of Kenya and you have been living in a foreign country for a minimum period of two years.

You may also be looking at the rules for shipping to Kenya if you have acquired a work permit and are looking to move there you will be permitted to transport your personal possessions tax free. However, it is essential that all items arrive within three months of your own arrival. It is also imperative that you have a complete list of all the items in your consignment; this will need to be accompanied by your work permit and your passport. These documents must be ready before your shipping to Kenya can be dispatched and should be with you to present to the customs officials.

You may wish to note that there will always be taxes due on new items, only used items are exempt.

Prohibited Items

All countries restrict the items that can be brought into their country; this may be for reasons of safety or to help protect their own economy. Kenya operates on the same basis as many other countries; importing of firearms and explosives and drugs is strictly prohibited. However, there are also many items which will be liable for taxes, these include computers and pre-owned machinery.

Taking your Vehicle with You

The first thing that is essential to note is that people drive on the left side of the road in Kenya and any imported vehicle must be right hand drive. There are very rare exceptions and only in the case of special vehicles.

Kenya also insists that all vehicles arriving in the country are less than eight years old. In almost all cases it will need to be checked and verified by the Bureau of Standards. If you are a resident who is returning to the country then you may be exempt from any tax; providing the vehicle is listed as owned by you.

Any vehicle must arrive within three months of your arrival and you will need to have a selection of documents ready before you undertaking shipping your vehicle to Kenya. These documents will include your passport, the proof of inspection, your official record book which comes with the vehicle and the card which confirms it has been inspected and approved by the Kenyan government.


It is essential to fully complete and register all paperwork with the official channels in Kenya, without the right certification you will be unable to export or import anything to the country. It is also worth noting that anything consignment which has a value higher than five thousand US dollars will need to be inspected. In fact, it is possible to acquire a handbook from the government regarding the rules and regulations involved in exporting and importing personal and commercial possessions.

Although there are several hurdles which need to be crossed, and they may appear to be daunting to someone who has not experienced the system before, the process can be made quite straightforward. Limco Logistics can be easily contacted and will assist with every step of your shipping; ensuring a stress free experience and the safe arrival of your goods.

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