Kazakhstan Shipping

As digital communication increases the ability of smaller countries and individuals to access customers from around the world there has become an increased need for reliable shipping firms. Several countries which are now actively targeting the global economy are those which were once part of the Soviet Union. These countries include Kazakhstan; a country based in central Asia. Particular difficulties are involved when shipping from Kazakhstan; partly because of the complicated differences in laws and the fact that the country does not actually have any ocean ports!

There are ports along the Caspian Sea which allow items to be shipped to and from the country, although, this can be difficult as there are additional logistics to consider when transversing these small waterways. It is not easy or advisable to attempt the shipping of items to Kazakhstan by yourself; a professional shipping firm will be aware of any current issues and will be able to react to them accordingly.

Only the most experienced firms, such as Limco Logistics will have the experience, connections and knowledge of legislation to ensure your goods get to the destination quickly and safely.

Things which need to be Done

The paperwork which will need to be prepared will depend on which route your cargo is going via. There are two options. The first is to fly your goods straight into Kazakhstan; this will usually follow the items being shipped from their country of origin to a port on Indian Ocean. Your paperwork will need to comply with Kazakhstan rules and any regulations in the Indian port.

The second option is slower and will require even more paperwork; although it is significantly cheaper. This involves shipping to a Baltic port and then transferring the goods to your destination in Kazakhstan via road or rail. Of course, this means it will cross several borders along the way and each one will require the correct documentation. This can be exceptionally complicated and it is important to enlist the services of a Limco logistics to ensure any shipping to Kazakhstan goes smoothly.

The reason it is essential to use a professional transport service when shipping to Kazakhstan is due to the number of borders which your goods will have to pass through. Every border has its own customs controls and regulations; if your goods do not have the relevant documentation for each border then they will be held up, confiscated or returned to you; at considerable expense and inconvenience.

A good transport firm, such as Limco logistics, will ensure every part of your shipping to Kazakhstan goes smoothly. They will take full ownership and responsibility for your goods from the moment they are collected until they are delivered. You can even monitor the progress of your goods for added peace of mind. Contact Limco Logistics now for a free quote; or try their online calculator!

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