Israel Cargo Shipping

The massive advancements in technology have made the world a smaller place; opportunities to visit and even live overseas are now abundant. All of these countries have their own rules and regulations regarding importing goods, however if you are shipping to Israel you will need to be aware that the rules in force will vary according to your status. This is why it is essential to use the services of a good shipping company, such as Limco Logistics; they will advise you and assist you with every step off the process.

Anyone who is deemed to have a high status in Israeli society will be able to import many items without needing to pay tax. Alternatively, Israeli citizens who have lived in a foreign country for at least six years can gain special tax incentives if they wish to import a vehicle into Israel.

Equally, visitors are able to bring a vehicle into the country without paying tax, via two routes:

  • Temporary Permit – you can request a ninety day visitor’s pass and this will allow you to bring your vehicle with you.

  • A-1 Visa – this will allow anyone to ship a vehicle, providing you have a valid driving license issued by Israel and permission from the transport ministry.

Prohibited Possessions

Most countries restrict what items are allowed to be brought into the country; Israel has surprisingly few restrictions regarding shipping items to Israel. There are a few items:

  • Firearms or any kind of explosives.

  • Recreational drugs; it is advisable to get a medical certificate for prescription drugs.

  • Flora and fauna

It is also important to keep any reading material together, whether electronic or physical they are likely to be checked by the officials.


Most of your regular household possessions can be included in your shipping to Israel consignment without needing to pay tax. Of course, as already indicated, this is dependent on your status. One of the key regulations and one that is often difficult to prove, is that all the items you are shipping to Israel have belonged to you for at least one year. The perfect scenario would be to have a receipt for each item confirming this, but this is not always possible. If necessary a specific declaration can be made to confirm you have owned them for the required time. The purpose of this is to prevent people importing items and selling them on without paying the correct tax.

There are certain items, such as tools, which cannot be shipped without paying tax; there is no way round this! The tax is a percentage of the official value of your goods; this includes insurance costs and the shipping charge. Again, all items which are likely to be liable for tax should be located in the same place when shipped, the easier you make it for customs the easier they will make it for you!

If you intend to import your vehicle to Israel then you will need to confirm that it is allowable; some vehicles are banned from their roads. You will need to pay a tax on the vehicle and this is based on the vehicle value and your status. You will also need to change your driving license within one year of arriving to one issued by Israel.

To ensure your shipping to Israel goes smoothly, speak to the professionals at Limco Logistics. They are aware of all the rules and will help relieve the stress of your move.

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