Shipping to Ecuador

There are thousands of shipments which arrive in Ecuador every day; it is the hub for a variety of destinations in South America. The sheer number of items shipping to Ecuador every day makes it imperative that you are familiar with the regulations and comply. If you do not your shipment can take much longer to get to you, indeed, it may never reach you! Professional shipping companies, such as Limco Logistics can help ensure you have completed all the relevant forms and complied with all the rules and regulations.


You can avoid needing to pay any duty on the household items you are shipping to Ecuador if you are a diplomatic of another country or if you are a certified Ecuadorian citizen who has been engaged in work for an overseas organization. The firm will need to be officially acknowledged by the government.

Equally citizens who can prove they have been living in a different country, for at least a year, can avoid paying taxes on any personal living items. You will need to provide your proof of residency from your previous country of residence.

Equally anyone who has qualified as an immigrant or managed to obtain a working visa can bring personal possessions into the country without needing to pay taxes. It is worth noting that multiples of any item will incur tax charges.


The items you are shipping to Ecuador must be with you within two months of your own arrival, this is a relatively small window and is one of the reasons it is essential to use a professional shipping service; if you fail to get it right the fine can be as high as forty three percent of your shipment value! A professional firm will ensure that any shipment worth over four thousand dollars is checked and verified before you ship it; this will facilitate its arrival in Ecuador.


The more documentation you have to hand the easier it will be to get your precious belongings through customs. One of the most important documents is a list of every item you are bringing into the country, it must be stamped and approved by an approved representative before it is dispatched; this list can then be matched to the goods; which can all be inspected if the customs officials decide it is necessary.

You will also need to take out, and prove you have, an insurance policy for the transportation of your items and your passport will be required at several steps along the journey.

Restricted Items

Most countries exclude people from bringing in recreational drugs and any type of weapon. Ecuador also forbids the import of most food, flora and fauna and even tires, if not already fitted to a vehicle. There are also restrictions on any products which contain compressed gas.

Vehicle Shipping

In keeping with several of the South American countries, only a foreign diplomat can bring a used vehicle into the country. You are able to bring a new car with you, providing you comply with the necessary legislation. Your vehicle must be checked and verified prior to it being shipped and you will need an import certificate. This must be obtained before your vehicle can start its journey. All new vehicles will be subject to a tax charge.

With so many others things needing to be taken care of whilst planning your move to Ecuador it may seem incredibly complicated and daunting to undertake shipping your personal possessions. Thankfully Limco logistics are on hand to advice and assist; they can take all the stress out of shipping your personal items to Ecuador.

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