Shipping To Brazil

Whether you have just started your own company, or are seeking new international markets for your goods and services, or even if you just need to get some cargo from one place to another, chances are that you have become overwhelmed by the information available on international shipping.

This is where a top-notch international shipping logistics company comes into play. Limco can help guide you through the complex process of shipping any type of cargo from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. Though it is a complex process, it is one that can be made incredibly painless and easy with an experienced and efficient logistics representative handling all of the details of your shipment.

We also have in-depth knowledge and experience shipping to South America – all parts of Latin America, including Brazil. Allow our team of representatives to help get your shipment into Santos as easily and effortlessly as possible.

Here just a few of the ways that Limco Logistics can help get your shipments, whether they are commercial goods, high priced art or automobiles, or if they are just your personal affects that you need shipped to Brazil.

Live Tracking

Limco has in place a state of the art live tracking system that can keep tabs on your shipments in real time, 24 hours a day. We operate this system over the Internet, meaning that you will be able to track your shipments online from anywhere in the world. This is an invaluable tool to ensuring the efficiency of your entire manufacturing operation, or to ensure that your belongings get to where they are going without any impediments.

Door To Door Service

Your logistics representative will be able to get your shipment, whether it’s commercial goods or your household furnishings, from your front door to its destination without any hassles to your own scheduling. You have enough to deal with. Let Limco arrange all of the details of your shipping needs.

Full And Less Than Full Containers

Whether you are moving large shipments of your commercial goods to Brazil or simply your own personal belongings, your logistics representative will ensure that you are set up with the appropriate size of shipping container to get you going. Remember, with sea freight you are charged not by the weight of your shipment, but by the cubic footage that your shipment takes up.

Palletizing And Crating

Our representatives will set you up will everything you need. When your shipment is ready to go, our shipping contractors will package and crate up your shipment for transport.

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