Shipping to Argentina

South America may seem a fairly easy destination to ship to; after all, it’s relatively easy to get to and is attached to the United States. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are many countries in South America, each one has its own rules and regulations, should you fail to comply with them it is likely that your goods will never arrive at their destination.

So whether you are considering shipping to Argentina, Chile, or even Brazil you will find the services of an experienced shipping company, such as Limco Logistics, invaluable. With their help the whole process can be simplified and completed with confidence. Whether you decide to use a shipping company or not, it is essential to be aware of the basic requirements:

Tax Free Shipping

It is possible to complete your shipping to Argentina without needing to pay any duty! This applies to anyone who is a citizen of the country, even if you have not lived in the country recently. It is also possible to ship items without needing to pay tax on the shipping if you have residency status in Argentina. There are two different types of residency:

  • Permanent – your passport entry and exit stamps to the country will be checked; providing you are a permanent resident returning or even arriving in the country for the first time, you will be able to import items tax free. This is subject to not having been in Argentina, for any reason, for in excess of sixty nine days during the year before you wish to ship or arrive in Argentina.

  • Temporary – being granted temporary residency status will entitle you to enter the country with your personal belongings and not pay tax on them. However, you will, almost certainly, need to confirm with the relevant authorities that all the items will be leaving with you when your residency expires. If the exit officials check and find that some items have not left the country you will be liable for the tax.

It is worth noting that the tax on shipping to Argentina can be as high as fifty percent.

Things to Avoid

When you are shipping to any country there will be things which need to be avoided, particularly with the highly charged and volatile global environment. Argentina will not allow you to bring any type of explosive into the country; in fact, they are also very wary of anything that can catch fire easily. Recreational drugs are illegal; if you try to ship them you are likely to find yourself in hot water! Equally it is best to check before shipping any prescription medication. Finally, it is also best to avoid any material which may offend, whether religious, pornographic or political.

You may be surprised at how many forms need to be completed in order to successful complete your shipping to Argentina. In addition to this it is essential to have any personal effects arrive in the country within six months of your own arrival. You can find out more from Limco Logistics; a shipping company you can trust to get it right for you!

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