Shipping Commercial Goods – Saving You Time And Money

The international shipment of commercial goods is a multi-billion dollar industry. Every hour of every day products are being delivered from plants and factories to store shelves all over the world. Obviously, the most important thing on the minds of those preparing their products for international export is safety and efficiency. If you are one of these people, looking for the best way to export your commercial products, your first move should be to contact a reputable and reliable international shipping logistics company. We at Limco can help organize, arrange and manage every aspect of the shipment of your commercial goods, whether they need to ship to Europe, Russia, shipping to Middle East or any of the South Americas. Let Limco help you get your commercial goods to markets all over the world.

If you are a company that routinely ships your commercial goods overseas, or if you are a company that is preparing to expand its market base, do not try to ship your products yourself. It is a complex headache that can cause serious harm to your bottom line if you do not know the ins and outs of international shipping. Let one of our Limco Logistics experts assist you with creating a comprehensive shipping and delivery plan that will get your goods from your door to overseas store shelves as safely and affordably as possible.

When you work with one of our logistics representatives, a thorough and complete plan will be constructed, that will get your shipment of commercial goods from your warehouse to your nearest port. From there it will be loaded into shipping containers and onto a sea freighter. This plan will also detail the entire chain of distribution following your shipment arriving into the port of destination. Our representatives will work with you to determine if there are any customs issues with your commercial goods, if there are any fees, duties or taxes applicable, and if there are any outright restrictions on your goods in your destination country.

From there, our comprehensive shipping plan will manage your shipment through international customs, and on to its ultimate destination. Depending upon where you are shipping, and how far away from port, we can arrange for your shipment to be transported by air freight, truck freight or by rail to its final destination. In many cases, a combination of all three

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