Packaging Your Shipment For Fast, Easy And Worry Free International Delivery

If you are planning a big, permanent move overseas, or if you have commercial goods that you need to get into the market place on the other side of the globe, the arduous ordeal of international shipping can seem indomitable, even for those who are seasoned veterans of the process.

When shipping cargo overseas, you need to consider how to pack your shipment safely and securely. There are two main ways that your shipment will be packaged. If your cargo is comprised of small boxes and items, our representatives will arrange for your shipment to be placed on pallets, a process known in the industry as “palletizing” your cargo.

How Does Palletizing Help Me?

First, it keeps all of the boxes and items in your shipment together, preventing any individual box or item from becoming lost. It also helps our shipping partners securely stow your cargo amid the sometimes rough and tumultuous environment of the high seas. Lastly, it helps port workers easily load and unload your cargo to and from the ship that carries it. How Big Are These Pallets?
A standard wooden pallet has a base size of 42 inches by 40 inches. When you deliver your cargo into port, our shipping partners will load your items onto these wooden pallets, shrink wrapping them. One pallet of your cargo will be roughly 42 inches long by 60 inches tall by 40 inches deep. Remember, with palletized cargo, you are not charged by the weight of your shipment, but by the cubic footage of it. This means that it will cost you the same amount to ship a pallet full of lead as it would a pallet full of feathers. This is one of the many ways that Limco representatives can help get your cargo overseas as efficiently and affordably as possible.

What Is The Other Method Of Packaging Cargo?

When packaging your cargo for shipment, Limco can also arrange for the crating up of your cargo or belongings for overseas transport. Crating is perfect for large, one piece items that cannot be stacked on pallets. When you deliver these items for transport, our shipping partners will construct solid wooden crates that will box in these larger items. Again, since you will be charged by cubic footage rather than weight, pay special attention to the size of a three dimensional crate for your items, rather than just the size of the items themselves.

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