Getting Your Shipment Packed And Ready To Sail

Any international shipping operation entails a great deal of planning, coordination, finesse and adaptability. The logistics that go into planning and moving even “simple” orders is a complex process.

Whether you are moving commercial goods to store shelves in Russia, Southeast Asia, Australia or Europe, or if you are moving overseas and need to ship your belongings to your new home in a far away land, let an experienced logistics company manage your cargo.

Depending upon the size of your shipment, there are two primary ways we will package it prior to shipment. These apply more for shipments making use of a less than full shipping container, so as not to damage any items or to mix up any items between clients sharing a less than full container.


If your cargo shipment is made up of small boxes, small items, and easily stackable objects, your shipment will be placed on wooden pallets, and either shrink wrapped together or strapped together to ensure that your cargo is secure prior to the overseas freighter setting sail.

Remember, though, that when packing your shipment prior to delivery to port, you need to secure everything inside the boxes of your shipment first. This means wrapping everything that is delicate or fragile in bubble wrap, packing peanuts or Styrofoam prior to delivery.

Also, make sure that you affix the proper packing labels that our representatives supply to you for every box and item of your shipment. You will need to write the name and address of final delivery, and contact information for you if the shipment gets lost or mixed up with another client’s.

When your shipment is delivered to its destination port, these labels will be used to get your shipment onto the next form of delivery. This may be air freight, truck freight, rail freight, or any combination of these, and it is vital that every box and item have its own tracking label that Limco provides.

There is a fee to palletize your shipment, and this will ultimately be determined by how many pallets your entire shipment requires. Upon delivery to the port closest to you, your cargo shipment will be hand loaded onto pallets, secured, and lifted by forklift into the ship’s hold, or into a shipping container.

The fee for palletizing your order will be determined by the cubic footage of your comb

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