Choosing The Right Overseas Shipping Company For You

Obviously, when you are attempting to ship anything overseas, there are many things that need to be planned out ahead of time. This is when you need an experienced, talented and well versed overseas shipping logistics company helping you to get your products or shipments from Point A to Point B with as few hassles as possible. Choosing Limco is your first step toward securing top flight management of your overseas logistics at a competitive price.

Focused On All Aspects Of Shipping Logistics

We at Limco are committed to helping you get your shipment from USA or Canada to the port of your destination as easily and as hassle free as possible. We have offices both in the United States and overseas, and we can manage your shipment anywhere in the world that it needs to go. Are you shipping to Africa We can make that happen. Shipping to West Africa We can make that happen, too.Shipping to South America? Yes, we can ship there as well.

We have a professional system in place that tracks and manages all shipments that we facilitate anywhere around the world in real time. We know where your shipment is 24 hours a day, every day, until it arrives where it needs to be.

With Overseas Shipping, It Is All About The Price

Any overseas shipment is going to cost money, obviously. However, we at Limco can get you very competitive rates for all of your overseas shipping costs, because we have relationships with all of the leading freight companies in the business.

Getting Your Shipment Into Port Safely

Getting your shipment into port on time is not the only concern you should have. You also need to ensure that your shipment will get there safely. This is what Limco specializes in. We can get your shipments into port easily, on time and with no damage at all.

Time Is Money In International Shipping

Of course, Limco will manage the logistics of your shipment to ensure that your cargo will get into port on time, and that the entire chain of delivery will be held to as strictly as possible. We know better than anyone that even the tiniest hiccup can disrupt the entire delivery schedule of a shipment. By choosing Limco, you are choosing an experienced, dedicated overseas shipping logistics company.

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