Shipping to Venezuela

There are many reasons why you might wish to relocate completely; retiring and job relocation are the two most common reasons. In fact, thousands of people relocate every year; Venezuela is one of many destinations that people choose to move to. Anyone with a Venezuelan passport can import all their possessions free of any tax charge. This also applies to foreign diplomats. Anyone else planning on shipping their belongings to Venezuela must organize the right papers, plus pay a one percent duty. You can find out lots more information regarding shipping to Venezuela from an expert transport firm such as Limco Logistics.

It is important to make sure the necessary paperwork is ready before your possessions will arrive in your chosen port. Puerto Cabello is an extremely popular arrival place, although Punta Piedras is also a popular destination. It is essential to commence clearing customs before five days have expired from when your shipment arrived.

Essential items include your passport, airways bill and an inventory of all the items in your container. You may also need a few more documents, depending upon what you are shipping to Venezuela and your status. There are also extra regulations which apply if you are intending to bring new products into the country.

All the necessary official papers need to be submitted to the customs official in Venezuela via a secure online process. This includes the specific codes which identify certain items; your freight company will help to ensure you have completed everything correctly. The best freight firms will already know of the importance of supplying all details about your items; including their manufacturer, serial number and even their type. Even what a piece of furniture is made from is important to the customs in Venezuela; any failure to adhere to the regulations will result in a duty charge, possible confiscation or even the shipment being rejected.

You may also wish to bring a vehicle with you; this is possible duty free if you are a resident of Venezuela; providing you meet several other criteria. If you are not a citizen of this country then you can only take a new car with you and there will still be a large amount of paperwork needed to go with it. Again, Limco Logistics are one firm which will be happy to assist and make sure all your personal belongings get to your new home safely.

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