Shipping to Singapore

If you are looking for a trustworthy and effective service for transporting excess baggage to Singapore, pay your attention to Limco Logistics. We are always willing to provide you full support, when you plan to send goods to Singapore, travel, migrate or go there for study.  

The major reasons why you should consider us the best choice for shipping to Singapore are the following:

  • Our twenty-year experience in global shipment grants you with excellent service in delivering items throughout the entire world
  • We possess a global chain of warehouses and cover the entire territory of Singapore
  • Our company delivers commercial-related items worldwide
  • Marvelous and accessible door-to-door services that gather and send your private items quickly and safety

Global Shipping to Singapore

Try our online quote engine to figure out how much you will have to pay for arranging shipments to Singapore via Limco Logistics. Our company provides both air and sea transportation to Singapore. We are eager to render various services to assist our customers in sending their goods: worldwide shipment of excess luggage and heavy parcels. Our service is of great help when you have to move abroad. Find more information before arranging any shipment.

What should you take into account when organizing international shipping to Singapore?

Pay attention to restrictions existing in Singapore during shipping and study carefully the list of prohibited goods to avoid misunderstandings:

  • Jewelry items and precious stones
  • Coins and foreign currencies
  • Ads for charms and protective amulets
  • Butane-gas lighters
  • Fire weapons

More prohibited goods include:

  • Any food
  • Fish and meat products
  • Any vegetables and fruit
  • Prerecorded cassettes and cartridges
  • Poison substances
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Walkie-talkie toys (to avoid misconception)

The company’s  services allow our customers to collect all their goods in boxes, which are further loaded in a trailer and transported safely to the place of destination in Singapore. It is a very convenient-to-use and priceless way of delivering items varying from excess baggage to goods of an entire apartment. Our friendly employees are available around the clock and are ready to answer your call or e-mail.

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