Shipping to Panama

Panama is one of the most attractive destinations to any American ready for retirement. The fact that Panama offers a healthy discount on healthcare and various other daily expenses shows that they recognize and appreciate the influx of retirees. To make it even easier to retire there you will be delighted to know that the legal currency of this country is the US dollar and English is spoken virtually everywhere.

Whilst this will make it easier for you to communicate with all the relevant bodies, it does not necessarily mean that the shipping to Panama process will be easy. If you do not have the correct documentation you can find yourself waiting for your belongings for a long time and potential paying a high tax on them! Of course, if you do it properly, shipping used items to Panama is a much cheaper option than buying all new. To ensure you get the fastest possible service for the right money you need professional company which specializes in shipping to Panama. Limco Logistics is one of such companies.

Panama customs will require you to prepare an inventory of the items you are bringing into the country; this must be completed in either English or Spanish and be accurate, the customs officials in panama will inspect every container! Most used items will be exempt from duty whilst new items will be charged approximately twenty percent of their value. It is best to keep your receipts to prove that an item is not new! There are several things which cannot be brought into Panama; wooden furniture, drugs, alcohol, any type of weapon; plant, fruit, raw food and even meat must not be brought with you. It is also imperative to avoid packing your items in wooden boxes.

It is possible for your vehicle to be including in your shipping to Panama list. There is a duty which will need paying which is approximately thirty percent of the value of the car, although if you are retiring in Panama you are exempt from this. There are several essential documents which must accompany your vehicle, cargo Experts will advise you and make sure you have all the right paperwork. The same is also true for your pet, it will need to be properly treated prior to its arrival and your shipping company will help ensure you have all the information and documents to support every part of your move.

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