Shipping to Malaysia

If you plan to visit Malaysia, to migrate there or send something special to your beloved ones, then the best choice of international shipment is via Limco Logistics. Let us handle all your stuff and issues for you. We provide quick access to the change of offshore location and safety shipping to Malaysia.

Global Shipping to Malaysia

The main reasons why you should select Limco Logistics for arranging shipping to Malaysia are listed below:

  • Twenty-year experience in shipping industry
  • We provide low prices for transporting excess luggage
  • Our employees are specialized in global shipping. Limco Logistics possesses a depot in Malaysia and worldwide.
  • We deal with different kinds of issues varying from shipment of excess luggage to goods of an entire apartment
  • Understandable door-to-door service and a chain of warehouses throughout the entire world

The whole procedure is quite simple: we give you boxes and packing stuff free of charge, you pack your goods and we come back to take the boxes and deliver them to Malaysia. Your baggage will be sent to the selected place of destination. Do not hesitate to use our quote engine to find out the cost of shipment via Limco Logistics, when you intend to delivery something to Malaysia or move there for living or working.  

What should you pay attention to when arranging global shipments to Malaysia?

Be sure to study all the limitations prior to delivery of goods to Malaysia to avoid any delays or additional charges you might have to pay.

Prohibited products are:

  • Non-processed coral
  • Plants (you should have a Phytosanitary certification or the Ministry of Agriculture’s permission)
  • Reproductions of coins
  • Precious metals
  • Electric items (you should have an import permission)

Goods which are forbidden for import to Malaysia:

  • Scurrilous items
  • Dangerous and explosive substances
  • Human remains (e.g. ashes)
  • Fire weapons or spares and ammunition for them
  • Infringing or piratic goods (e.g. DVDs)

Our services allow our customers to gather all their stuff in boxes, which are further loaded in a trailer and sent safely to the place of destination in Malaysia. It is a very convenient and priceless way of transporting various goods varying from excess luggage to goods of an entire apartment. We are always at our customers’ disposal to help them and answer any questions that might arise when searching for the best ways of shipping to Malaysia. Our amicable employees are always ready to answer your call or email. Be sure to try the quote engine provided by us for your convenience.

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