Shipping to Indonesia

Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences in anyone’s life. However, if you are considering moving to a different country then you will be facing an altogether bigger challenge! Alongside organizing your own permits and travel arrangements, you will need to consider the possibility of container shipping to Indonesia. This can be one of the best and cheapest methods of getting your valuable possessions where they need to be.

Any decent shipping company will ensure your belongings arrive at either Jakarta or Manila; it should take approximately thirty two days for your belongings to get from the states to Indonesia by boat. You will also need to allow time for the items to get through customs at both ends.

The cost of shipping to Indonesia will vary according to the number of items you are intending to ship; if you can fill a twenty foot container, or even a forty foot one, yourself, then, the shipment will be dispatched immediately. It is possible to share a container but this is likely to delay the shipment. It is quicker to ship by air; however, unless you have very little to send it will almost certainly be more expensive.

It is worth noting that it is illegal to import, or even attempt to import any kind of weapon, drugs, pornography, cordless phones and even food. Even some books and DVD’s are not allowed in; you must ensure you have an inventory of the titles you are bringing.

You may be relieved to hear that it is acceptable to bring your own vehicle with you; whether shipping to Indonesia by boat or by plane. The average vehicle will incur charges of $800 for the shipping, plus an import tax; which can reach an impressive three hundred percent of the value of the vehicle! Alongside this it is also essential to have a correctly completed import form.

Provided you have owned your personal items for at least one year, there will be no duty charge or tax. It is advisable to locate the receipts for all your items to confirm this. You will need to show a valid work permit, your current passport and a detailed inventory. If you have any concerns regarding shipping to Indonesia it is advisable to speak to an expert; they will ensure you have all the relevant documentations and can even offer a good insurance policy in case your items are damaged or lost. The best shipping firms will also allow you to track your items at all times.

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