Shipping to Hong Kong

Employees of LimcoLogistics will gladly assist you in shipping goods to Hong Kong, when you intend to move to Hong Kong, travel or send packages to this country. We offer various services that will help you facilitate the whole procedure of shipping overseas. Our worldwide chain of warehouses allows us to provide safety shipment of our customers’ private stuff and grant door-to-door services.

Here are the main reasons why you should select LimcoLogistics for shipment to Hong Kong:

  • Reliable, effective and accessible services
  • Worldwide warehouses (from London to Sydney) and quick access to the change of offshore location
  • Over twenty-year operation of our warehouse in Hong Kong
  • You can carry only a hand baggage while walking through the airport hall
  • Door-to-door services throughout Hong Kong territory
  • Presentable appearance of our employees is an advantage as well

Overseas Shipping to Hong Kong

Along with the mentioned already services, we provide money matters’ solutions such as international transfers of money, transport insurance and tax reimbursement. You can use our quote engine to figure out the amount of money you will have to pay for shipping to Hong Kong. We are also glad to offer you services for big and heavy shipments, which are of great help, when you intend to move overseas. If you travel across Hong Kong or visit some family members, the company will assist you in shipping excess luggage throughout the entire world. Our customers can refer to our global delivery of parcels that gives them the opportunity to put aside money while sending heavy parcels.
What should you take into account when organizing international shipment to Hong Kong?

Be sure not to send items prohibited for shipment to Hong Kong. Find out the listed below products, which are forbidden in Hong Kong at the time of July 2013.

  • No explosive products, matches, firecrackers or hazardous materials
  • No liquids nor solids, which could inflame in case they leak during flight
  • No insulting or immoral items, which could be related to gambling (e.g. betting ads, raffle tickets), no drawings and paintings of embarrassing or scurrilous character
  • No smokeless tobacco goods

Our services allow our customers to collect all their stuff in boxes, which are further loaded in a trailer and delivered safely to the destination place in Hong Kong. It is a very convenient and priceless way of transporting various goods. We are always at our customers’ disposal to help them and answer any questions that might arise when searching for the best ways of shipping to Hong Kong. Be sure to try the quote engine provided by us for your convenience.

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