Shipping to Greece

Looking for the best freight forwarder is similar to looking for a partner for your business. They should be able to provide for all your requirements when shipping to Greece and other countries. At this time when the world is relying heavily on the optimization, timeliness, and cost effectiveness of supply chain, businesses like yours must be able to identify the factors to find the best freight forwarder. Below are some aspects to consider:

Extensive Experience and Knowledge

Ask if they have experience handling different kinds of commodities, such as machinery, perishables, garments, and hazardous and if they can pick up and deliver your goods to and from different destinations. Specifically, ask if they are shipping to Greece and if they have managed transporting of cargo similar to yours.

As for the knowledge, the forwarder should be able to answer all of your inquiries regarding shipping your goods to Greece – rules and regulations covered, insurance coverage, expected time of delivery, cost (fees and charges, if there are), and others, and how they handle everything to ensure that your products are safe.

Multiple-Shipment Capability

Get the services of a freight forwarder that has the capability to manage different types of shipments, such as ocean and air freight. Confirm if their experience in these areas are extensive so they will be able to attend to all your requirements and keeps you away from troubles. Likewise, check if they have wide shipment contacts to enable them to manage various types of shipments.

Trade Membership

When a freight forwarder is an affiliate of a highly-regarded trade association, it indicates a lot of things: integrity, financial capacity, and operational competence. This means you can rest assured that your shipment will be handled with appropriate care. This also signifies professionalism because they will not allow the reputation of their forwarding company be tainted by second-rate performance or unscrupulous activities.

Network of Agents (in Greece)

It is important if the forwarder that you will choose has shipment contacts in the country of your destination, particularly Greece. Network of agents is especially essential for DAP (Delivered at Place), DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid), and DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) shipments and if your client abroad reports unpredicted concerns like custom issue and port strike. A destination agent will be able to provide great help when shipping to Greece.

There are still other factors to think about. A good research can help you. You can also speak with other businesses that work with freight forwarders to offer you advice.

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