Shipping to Egypt

When searching for a potential freight forwarder, being inquisitive is necessary. Shipping to Egypt is no joke; it carries your goods and it can affect your business operations, as well as your relationship to the client you are sending your products to. You must be familiar with the process and other details to make sure that you will find the best freight forwarding company for you. Below are some questions that you can ask before you hire one:

Is your freight forwarding company insured?”

No company can guarantee that no accidents will happen along the way. This is why big shipping firms cover insurance for goods that are crossing international borders. In case something happens, they can offer full settlement for lost or damaged items.

Do you have experience shipping to Egypt and with my type of cargo?”

Cargo varies from the company that sends it. It can range from machinery to garments, to chemicals, and others. One freight forwarder may have extensive experience sending garments, but not chemicals. One may be familiar with sending goods to America, but not with shipping to Egypt. Because of all of these, you need to ask them this question to ensure that they know how to handle your goods appropriately and that there will be no problem with the forwarding process.

Do you have a strong network of forwarding contacts?”

When a forwarder has an extensive experience in international freight forwarding, it follows that it has a strong network of contacts. It is then able to link you to an agent that can provide you with the services that you need.

Who can I talk to?”

Customer service should also be your main concern when choosing the right freight forwarding company. It should be able to give you a point person, the only representative that you can talk to in case of concerns and for trouble-free communication. The representative should be able to inform you about the status, delivery time, and others of your goods to avoid stress and ensure smooth working relationship.

Do they accept immediate shipping to Egypt?”

There will be times when you will need expedited shipping to Egypt. It will be best if you will ask the freight forwarder about the possibility of speedy delivery. In case the need arises, you will no longer worry about finding another forwarder that accepts immediate forwarding service.

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