Shipping to Costa Rica

You can send goods to anywhere in the world with relative ease. However, when shipping to Costa Rica or places which are a little more of the beaten track, it is worth knowing what documents will be needed and what the process entails, before you start.

The first thing to ensure you have is an inventory of the goods you are shipping to Costa Rica. This must be written in either English or Spanish and should display the value of each item as well. Electrical equipment requires additional information which includes manufacturer, model and the serial number. Your inventory should also include the number of boxes in your container.

It is also essential to be aware that used household and personal items will still be taxed by the local customs office. Only foreign diplomats or returning citizens, who have lived outside of Costa Rica for more than two years, are exempt from this requirement.

Your new items can also be included when shipping to Costa Rica, these will need to be accompanied by the receipt and you will be liable to a high level of duty. You may also need to know that only one large appliance may be imported and computers have their own set of regulations.

You will not be allowed to bring any alcohol, drugs, weapons, tires or pornographic images into the country; even animal products and agricultural items will be subject to a fee.

It is possible to bring a vehicle with you, or include it with the items you are shipping to Costa Rica. However, there will be import taxes and potential a duty to pay. You will need to know the exact details of the car, including year of manufacturer and engine size. You will also need the original registration document and the invoice showing when you bought the vehicle. The vehicle must also pass a local performed smog test; you should make sure it does before you start the process for shipping it to Costa Rica!

The best way to ship your goods and your vehicle is to use a service which is dedicated to providing a stress free and easy shipping experience. Limco Logistics can provide a reasonable quote for the shipping service you need and ensure you comply with all the regulations.

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