Shipping to Belgium

When intending to transport goods to Belgium, pay attention to Limco Logistics. Our employees will assist you when you need to send presents to Antwerp, vacation baggage to Bruges or any commercial-related items to Brussels. Find out below the main reasons why you should select us among others:

  • Consumer grade shipments to Belgium
  • Presentable appearance (we wear marvelous red uniforms)
  • Our excess luggage service will provide you with all the necessary information related to luggage fees, thus, you will not face any hidden payments during check-in
  • Twenty-year operation and reliable global network is always at our customers’ disposal
  • Our commercial division will help you send business items throughout the world
  • Warehouses in Belgium that help our customers to deliver, gather or store goods
  • Coverage of the most important cities such as Antwerp, Charleroi and Ghent

Worldwide Shipping to Belgium

Do not hesitate to try our excellent freight calculator, which will help you find out the amount of money you should pay for the freight. Limco Logistics will gladly cover all logistical issues. You can use our services when you have to send a heavy luggage that cannot be handled at the airport, when you want to send gifts to your beloved persons and even when you want to move to Belgium for living or working purposes. Just contact us and we will do our best to provide you with the most profitable offers.   
The entire process of shipping products overseas is very complicated and time-consuming, but we managed to make it easier and toilless for our customers. Our employees are available around the clock, so that you can get decent supervision and consultation in case of need. Over the last twenty years, SevenSeasWordlwide has achieved a good fame among tourists, people that are migrating overseas and even different enterprises due to our aspiration to make the shipment procedure simple and low-cost. Join us and use our free-of-charge quote engine to figure out the price for arranging shipment to Belgium.  
What should you pay attention to when arranging global shipments to Belgium?

Be sure to study the Belgic customs requirements prior to products delivery. Look through the information provided below.
When arriving to an EU country, you have to follow certain rules concerning the quantity of tobacco and alcohol products you are permitted to transport. Customs supervisors have the right to check your luggage in case of any suspicion.

The allowed quantity of alcohol:

  • Beer - 110l
  • Wine - 90l
  • Alcohol drinks over 22% -10l
  • Alcohol drinks below 22% - 20l

The allowed quantity of tobacco goods are:

  • Smoking tobacco-  1kg
  • Cigars - 200 pcs
  • Cigarettes- 800 pcs
  • Cigarillos- 400 pcs

Belgic customs will prohibit the following products:

  • Diary and meat products not from European countries
  • Powdered baby milk
  • Species protected by the country and goods related to them
  • Fish with bowels and more than 20 kg
  • Clothes and shoes made of genuine fur or leather
  • Foreign currency  

Feel free to contact our Customer support center, if you still have any questions. Try our online quote engine and enjoy affordable shipping to Belgium.

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