RORO Shipping - Heavy Equipment Shipping & Transportation

roro shipping & transportationAs a leading international transport and logistics company, we at Limco Logistics have been serving the RORO shipping industry for over two decades. We are capable of handling all types of heavy equipment shipping including export/import needs. We have all the facilities to effectively manage all of your small to large scale business transactions. Whatever you want to transport, whatever is the cargo size and wherever you want to transport it, we will do it for you at very reasonable prices and in quick time. We are authorized by the Federal Maritime Commission Parallelly to provide all kinds of cargo transportation services. You can choose air, road, rail or ocean transportation solution for you heavy equipment shipping needs, even if you would like to transport boats.

Why Limco Logistics for RORO Shipping?

  • If you are looking for RORO shipping for cars solutions and services, then Limco Logistics will give you a suitable solution to meet your needs, because we
  • Have the experience, expertise and facility to provide all kinds of heavy equipment shipping and other solutions
  • Aim to give all aspects of RORO freight shipping logistics
  • Are a professional international shipping company that can manage and track all your shipments
  • Can get your shipment into port safely
  • Transports Boats

Benefits of Hiring Limco Logistics:

  • Door to door and port to port deliveries
  • Customs clearance
  • Container options that include refrigerated units, flat rack and open top
  • Secure and reliable overseas RORO freight shipping
  • Processing of goods in ports, railways and customs warehouses
  • Insurance facilities
  • Consistent support through entire shipping process
  • Tools for tracking your cargo in real time
  • In today’s international shipping market, you can ship almost anything to the destination of your choice. It is one of the most convenient ways to transport products and heavy equipment in large numbers. Many companies hire us for RORO cars shipping services because of the above benefits that we provide for our customers through our professional services.
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