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Limco Logistics are a leading international car shipping company offering the best and most cost effective car shipping solutions. We hold an authorized license from the Federal Maritime Commission and have the reputation of working with some of the world’s largest and popular steamship lines. Our partnership with such renowned steamship companies enables us to offer our customers the most competitive Car Shipping Rates and transit times. You can hire us for all your shipping needs and we will help you with Shipping Cars to virtually any place around the world. You can consult our representatives from our various satellite offices to help you with a suitable shipping solution.

International Car Shipping Solutions

At Limco Logistics we have all the facilities and infrastructure to export cars from port to port across the globe. We will load and ship your boats, cars and heavy equipment and also provide containerized cargo overseas car shipping to Africa, and many other countries around the world. We also undertake processing of your goods in ports, railways and customs warehouses and provide the best in personalized, quick and reliable services. Our range of shipping cars solutions include the following

Online Services

At Limco Logistics we can transport almost anything from your personal belongings to automobiles, heavy equipment, high priced art, aid shipments, large food supplies and more. Our Overseas Car Shipping Rates are the lowest and our services are available for all types of industries. With the internet technology, international car shipping is now much easier and we are available to cater to all your needs through our personalized website. We have powerful tools to help you with your car shipping to Nigeria, Africa, and other places on time. Our >live tracking tool will help you track your shipment round the clock over the internet, in real time, from anywhere in the world.

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