International Cargo / Freight Shipping Rates

We are a leading international transport and logistics company with a global presence spanning across continents; we are Limco Logistics, experts in handling ocean, road, rail and air freight shipping services. We offer a wide spectrum of services and can ship heavy equipment like:

  • dump trucks
  • farm equipment
  • excavators
  • bulldozers, vehicles
  • and more! [International Shipping Rates]

From USA or Canada to practically anywhere in the world and vice versa. We have a very sophisticated delivery network and our partnership with reputed agencies allows us provide door to door and port to port deliveries. We are the only company who can offer the best International shipping rates.

At Limco logistics, we also offer online services to customers located outside USA or Canada. We have a very personalized website where you can even check and compare our international cargo shipping rates against other companies. On our website you will find some useful tools that will give you the freedom to get the best freight shipping rates on all kinds of shipping solutions. Some of those tools are:

  • Currency converter
  • Unit converter
  • Air cargo calculation
  • Time zones
  • Container dimensions
  • International commercial terms
  • Air cargo tracking
  • Airport city codes

Best International Shipping Rates Only At Limco Logistics

You may be wondering if your shipment, utilizing the complex system that Limco Logistics employs is way too much to spend. However, the key is to be cost effective and only our representatives will work to ensure that your needs are met. We have endless options when it comes to international shipping cost and only we can get you the best Freight Shipping Cost you need to ship your cargo. You can request a quote and use the above tools to calculate your costs. You can also ask for our assistance and our representatives will give you the right advice that can further reduce your overall shipping costs.

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