Use an International Shipping Firm to Help Your Business Save Time and Money

Use an International Shipping Firm to Help Your Business Save Time and Money

Limco Logistics, Inc. is an international transportation and logistics company headquartered in the United States. Over the last two decades, our team has developed a strong reputation for hard work and dedication. We have gained the trust of our customers by offering multi-modal transportation solutions to a large number of maritime ports and airports around the globe. These features make us the to-go company when it comes to air, sea, and land transportation services. Working with a firm like Limco Logistics can help businesses save time and money on their international shipping costs.

Limco Logistics offers a wide range of services that can help our clients save money on every order. These features won't work with every order, but when these options are available, they can lead to significant savings for your company. Our services include air transport, where Limco Logistics has partnered with leading airlines around the world to deliver your cargo to any airport of choice, following strict guidelines for safety protocols, documentation, and privacy. Another common option for shipping internationally is our railroad service. Sometimes, multiple-transport means are required for delivering goods. We have outstanding relations with railway transportation systems all around the United States to fulfill those needs.

Our team is also prepared to handle any fragile and hazardous items. We have all of the necessary protocols and processes in place to safely handle all your cargo following all the local and international safety laws. Limco Logistic can also be used for Ocean freight. We are responsible for loading and handling all the cargo into shipping containers of various sizes and specifications while making sure the shipment arrives safely at the destination port anywhere in the world.

We also have services to help people who want to handle some of the packings on their own. With our Live Load service,  a container is sent to your doorsteps for a couple of hours to load your goods. It is then brought back to the shipping terminal. The Drop Off method is the same as Live Load, yet instead of a couple of hours, you will have 2 to 3 days to fill out the container. Warehouse or Terminal loading can be used to send your cargo to your nearest warehouse from where it will be loaded in containers and brought to the shipping terminal. Using Limco's roll-on roll-off (i.e., RORO) service will give you the experience of easy transportation of your vehicle or any other wheeled cargo. With commercial and household services, you can trust Limco for LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load), if you are shifting base internationally. It also serves for exporting and importing commercial cargo. Cargo Management is another essential feature of our services. We ensure smooth functioning of the entire process of your cargo's transportation, till it is delivered properly.

Limco Logistics also has access to tools and calculators that can help our clients choose the right combination of services and features to reduce the time or cost it takes to ship goods internationally.

If you’re interested in getting started with Limco Logistics, send us a message online to start planning your next international shipping order. You’ll see that you can get the best price and options by using our tools and services.

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