The Freight Rail Industry’s Innovative Answers To Streamlining Transportation

In 1827, our country's first railroad was completed, ushering in a new era of transportation possibilities. Since that time, America's freight rail industry has grown into one of the most efficient and cost-effective transportation networks in the world. Fueled by billions of dollars of private investment, railroads have since modernized the nation's thousands of miles of network to provide transportation for our country's goods.

American railroads deliver, on average, around five million tons of goods daily to distribution centers, ports, and businesses around the country. With the job of carrying goods as well as passengers along with the freight rail network, it is no surprise that it takes a mix of types of railroads to deliver all on board safely.

The Freight Rail Industry’s Innovative Answers To Streamlining Transportation

Investing In Safety

Continuous investment in safety is necessary to ensure that the rail system is in top condition for transportation needs. Maintenance of tracks, bridges, tunnels, and other infrastructure is imperative to keeping the network structurally sound. Focus on equipment related to the locomotives and freight cars themselves also requires consistency in order to ensure safety.

Utilizing Technology

This determined focus has resulted in the freight rail sector among the safest railroad networks in the world today. Technology advances have played a key role in the railroad's continued effort in increasing safety and decreasing accidents. Modern rail technology allows railroads to inspect their railways and tract their equipment, which is increasing the reliability of deliveries and creating greater efficiency across the board.

From the integration of smart rail technology into smartphones, the use of high flying drones giving rail administrators eyes in the sky, and multi-interfaced online media platforms tracking shipments and arranging schedules, technology is creating a more streamlined and safer freight railway transport system.

With the addition of smarter railroad crossing designs and improved employee educational programs, the freight railway business is leading the industry in safely streamlining the transporting of goods. These technological advances not only keep the rail system and the communities it serves safe, but they also increase the productivity of businesses and consumers who depend on these services.

Bringing Better Transportation Options To The Customer

Freight forwarding companies such as LIMCO Logistics Inc. utilize these advanced scheduling platforms to arrange and monitor client's shipping needs. Freight forwarders have access to programs designed to make transportation of goods easy and efficient through systems that interact directly with the freight railway administrators.

Transportation by means of the railroad may be rooted in our country's past. However, the railway industry of today is becoming a streamlined and tech-savvy industry providing safer and smarter transportation services that exceed customer expectations.

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