Pet Care Industry is Growing


Pet Care Industry and Globalization Strategy

Global Pet Industry has hit a new milestone 103.5 Billion globally in 2016, surpassing the 100B mark for the first time. Those figures certainly represent new opportunities for American pet food companies and exporters to ramp up their efforts to globalize their products lines and expand to new latitudes and markets around the globe.

By 2015 the US had the second spot behind France 14.5 % in total of Pet Food exports, however due to the economic decline in 2016, the US takes a very humble 3rd place with 9.5%  behind Germany with a very healthy 10.5% of the total market.

Is it the right time to expand the markets for pet foods manufacturers?

Indeed, 2017 will present challenges, yet solid opportunities, with most of those new challenges come a great deal of areas that will certainly are looking to purchase pet food, per care products at a global scale, markets like China, Canada, Australia and more; Presenting a good outlook for the remaining 10 months of the year.

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Exploring New Markets

Pet Food exporters are taking advantage of the new found businesses generated by emerging markets within the pet care industry, such markets have the need for quality products manufactured with high quality standards and ingredients or materials, now pet care products are considered a first necessity item due to the nature of the target market, a household pet that is consider a vital part of the family, therefore deserving of the same care and quality products.

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