Outsourcing Shipping Needs To Freight Forwarders

Outsourcing Shipping Needs To Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarding companies play a crucial role in our shipping industry. Termed the travel agents of trading, freight forwarding companies are the architects of transport. Freight forwarders assist companies in moving their shipments from point to point in the most cost-effective manner available. In this process, freight forwarders manage the entire process of the passage, navigating regulations and requirements of countries and making all necessary arrangements.

Freight forwarders will contract with carriers such as airlines, shipping lines, railroads, and haulers to transport goods. The forwarder does not physically move the goods but acts as the agent determining the logistics of the process. In this manner, freight forwarders can select the best supplier for each part of the shipment.

International Shipping

If your company intends to ship internationally, you would be best served by working with a freight forwarder, regardless of your size or scope. Large organizations, as well as smaller companies, benefit from the knowledge and flexibility that freight forwarders can offer to their supply chain networks.

Outsourcing Shipping Responsibilities

Freight forwarders can be your outsourced shipping department, an extension of your business that adds valuable knowledge to the process of importing and exporting goods, saving you time, energy, and expense. They are trained to understand your requirements and identify the best option to move your shipment in the required timeframe and at the most competitive pricing.

Saving Energy And Expense

Outsourcing the shipping of your goods saves your company time and expense as you no longer need to staff trained individuals in house, and you avoid the pitfalls and issues that can be involved in shipping. Shipping internationally entails a host of regulations and rules, paperwork and customs clearance procedures. Freight forwarders can manage this process for you, as well as pay any taxes and duties owed to customs on your behalf.

Expertise In Management

Paperwork such as Certificates of Origin, Bills of Lading, letters of credit, or any other documents required by banks before payment is released are all part of the shipping documentation necessary. Freight forwarders can act as an extension of your company by handling matters such as these and any issues that may arise for you.

Let Limco Logistics LLC Manage Your Shipping Needs

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