Finding The Best Logistics Partner.

Air testFinding the best logistics partner

When it comes to finding the best logistics partner for your cargo transportation needs, there are several things that need to be considered before selecting a company to manipulate all the variables when it comes to transporting cargo overseas;  such as documentation handling, pricing, taxes, regulations, insurances and many others. 

Experience and Accountability.

Experience plays a fundamental role in the process, you need the reassurance of a company that has been established in the transportation industry for several years and has capable personnel on their side to overcome any situation that may delay the process, either in the office, related to paperwork, or in the field, dealing with a delayed shipment.

Why is Limco Logistics The Best Choice?

With over 2 decades of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients around the world, we are leaders in the market when it comes to intermodal transportation, air freight, ocean freight and rail freight. Because we understand the needs and wants of our clients; Accountability is a factor,  At Limco we know, the most important step in the transportation business is the last one - when you receive your cargo at your warehouse.

Our staff is comprised of dedicated professionals working in the industry for several decades, with a combined experience of over 90 years; Our pricing managers, sales and support staff, makes Limco Logistics the ideal company to deliver securely and on time. 

Read more about our Destinations and our Services; Certainly, you will have a clearer image of what we can do for you, your company and the industry you are involved with, certainly, we can make a positive change in the way your cargo is transported. 

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