4 Ways to Ship Large Products Internationally

The success or failure of an international business often depends on the quality of their shipping. Business owners need to strike the perfect balance of efficiency and affordability. A cheap international shipping service may take so long to reach customers that consumers choose another vendor. However, if the business pays too much international transport, it makes the project less profitable. Limco Logistics helps business owners get the best bang for their buck by offering multiple options for sending products around the globe. Here are four ways you can ship large products internationally with Limco Logistics.


International shipping doesn’t always require a vehicle that can cross the oceans. When shipping products to countries that are on the same continent, ground-based transport using trucks is an affordable and effective option. Limco Logistics can help business owners ship product orders that are too large for consumer package delivery services like FedEx and UPS. You don’t have to fill the truck to use his option. Besides FCL (Full Container Load) orders, Limco Logistics can also take LCL (Less than Container Load) orders. And our team can ensure that fragile and hazardous materials are handled safely.


Depending on the situation, ground-based transport may include the use of trains. Limco Logistics has outstanding relations with railway transportation systems all around the United States to fulfill those needs. Trains can be faster than trucks since they don’t have to stop until they reach the next station. One of the benefits of working with Limco Logistics is that we use multi-modal transportation solutions. Our access to multiple forms of transportation ensures that we provide fast and affordable shipping services to our clients.


Even in an age of air travel, many companies choose to send their products to international markets over the oceans. There are a lot of ships involved in international shipping. While they aren't as fast as planes, boats have fewer weight restrictions. Also, it's cheaper to send an order by ship than it would be to send a similar-sized order on a plane. At Limco Logistics, we handle much of the preparation process for over-sea shipping. Our team is responsible for loading and handling all the cargo into shipping containers of various sizes and specifications while making sure the shipment arrives safely at the destination port anywhere in the world.


The fastest way to send goods to international markets is to use an airplane. By their nature, planes are faster than trucks, trains, or boats. A trip that takes several days via boats can be accomplished in hours by using international flights. When you need to quickly ship products to a distant location, air-based transport is the best option. Limco Logistics has partnered with leading airlines around the world to deliver your cargo to any airport of choice, following strict guidelines for safety protocols, documentation, and privacy.

By using a combination of shipping strategies, Limco Logistics can handle any international shipping request. We also have features that can make it easier for companies to prepare their items for shipping. For example, we can deliver a container to your doorstep which we can pick up and ship after you’ve had a chance to fill it up. If you have any questions about international shipping for your business, contact Limco Logistics today.

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