Why choose our company over other freight shipping companies?

Licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission, Limco Logistics is an established and respected industry leader in transcontinental logistics services to corporations around the world. Limco Logistics is an Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI), here to help your company develop solutions to your real logistics needs. As a Premier provider of transcontinental services we provide professional logistics in all areas of cutting-edge, international cargo transport. We utilize every method of freight transportation including air cargo, land and rail cargo systems and of coarse, our world renown shipping lines to every port on the globe.

We provide highly trained, experienced logistics professionals to advise you in all aspects of the Importation-Exportation process, regulatory changes, estimates and quotes on transloading facilities, shipping timetables, including acess to the largest network of our shipping lines at the most affordable prices.

Air Freight Shipping your products through international cargo transport with Limco Logistics, ensures reliable, no frills freight services, fast and efficient air cargo shipping including charter flights. We manage the flow of your valuable cargo between the point of origin to your designated point of consumption to meet your pinpoint requirements to your full satisfaction.

Freight Shipping Companies like Limco Logistics have top-rated land and rail transportation sources to meet your complex company standards and specific requirements whether it’s your final shipping destination mode of cargo transport or the transitional phase leading to delivery to any port in the world.

Shipping to Africa, for an example, let’s say your company has a multi-railcar shipment of grains waiting from the Midwest, USA, with a final destination designated for Shipping to Africa. Limco Logistics will coordinate the full shipping route from railway to their Transloading facilities. Your grain will be transloaded into 20 foot or 40 foot steel containers appropriate for safe trans-oceanic Export from a US port location in, for example, Los Angeles, or Long Beach, CA, to be shipped to your designated African Port.

Our Professional Limco Logistics coordinators will provide Detailed Reporting, cutting-edge Freight Management, a daily real-time tracking system and the most Affordable Prices Available in competition with other freight shipping companies. Contact us for all your Ground Freight, Oceanic Freight and Air Freight Shipping needs.

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