International Air Freight Shipping Services

International Freight Shipping is easy and more accessible than you may have realized. Our Company has full capability to ship your products and goods anywhere in the world. We are fully bonded and can meet your delivery schedule regardless of quantity. Risking your merchandise with other freight shipping companies will cost you time and value of delivering your goods to market. In our current global economy, time is essential and competition is fierce. International Freight Shipping is not a business for the novice. This is a heavily regulated industry and requires a professionalism that only comes from years of successful assignments.

Our Freight Shipping Services Cost per shipment is the lowest among all of our competitors. Based on the type of goods and products you are looking to ship and if the goods are perishable or subject to the climate conditions of international shipping we can prepare a shipping budget that will meet your needs. Our specialists have performed countless shipping assignments successfully and our proficiency in shipping creates a cost benefit that we are able to pass on to you. We welcome you to compare the freight shipping costs of other freight shipping companies. We will evaluate any written shipping estimate and will provide you with a competitive estimate that will save you both time and money.

Air Freight Shipping as well as shipping by train, truck, or boat is all with in our level of capabilities. Air freight shipping is probably our fastest avenue to deliver your goods and merchandise to your target destination. While it may be more expensive than other forms of delivery, we can still design a budget based on your needs that is competitive. We are fully bonded and licensed in all major ports of call that will enable us to serve your travel needs. Our qualified staff is based in our main office in Miami and we have fully staffed offices in and the Ukraine.

International Air Freight Company - Limco Logistics Inc

Our company employs the latest, state of the art logistic tracking system and can track all of our cargo at any moment of its route. This information can be accessed with our tracking software applications which can be downloaded to your ipad or other tablet device. We also have the ability to design custom tracking systems to meet special requests from special clients. All cargo shipping contents are kept confidential and the service to the client is paramount.

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