Overseas Cargo Shipping Made Easy

freight international servicesSea cargo shipping has been around for many centuries now. In the earlier years, all a person needed was to fill out a non-binding document with the captain of the transporting vessel. As time progressed, international cargo shipping became lucrative and organizations formed around it to offer sea cargo shipping services. As was the case in the 19th century as well as the 20th century, the provider was the center of attention.

All that mattered then was how much profit they made. In today’s world, the shipping industry is totally different.  Shipping which is offered by Limco Logistics is more than just transporting goods from port A to Port B., we take pride in the care and efficiency in our service.

Among the things that today’s Overseas Shipping Companies will work on include speed. It is no longer acceptable to take six months to transport goods from USA to China or any other country for that matter. Because of the increased number of very efficient shipping lines, top on the list being Limco, you are assured of speedy delivery of your cargo. The other factor that influences shipping today is safety. Goods are packaged in secure containers thus ensuring that their arrival as they were sent is guaranteed. You will also notice that efficiency has increased in a tremendous way. All of these great attributes together with high level of professionalism make Limco Logistic’s international cargo shipping exceptional.

The use of complicated shipping terminologies by a sea cargo shipping company when dealing with clients is no longer entertained, unless, if the client understands the terminologies. Some of the terms used like:

  • B.L - Bill of Lading
  • FOB – Free on Board
  • CIF - Cost Insurance and Freight
  • ETA - Expected Time of Arrival

All of these terminologies are commonly used and some have even found their way into normal daily lives of people. Limco ensures that all of the terminologies are understood by the client. In fact the abbreviations are only used where necessary by Limco.

The international cargo shipping firms have made it easy for all the people to deal with them. They have taken the initiative to make all the shippers to understand the government rules, restrictions and taxes. This has made many people understand clearly what the government stand is when it comes to shipping and the grey areas have in effect been eliminated. There is also the general improvement of service by the Overseas Shipping Companies. One must appreciate that Limco Logistics has great tracking technology of cargo. A customer is able to trace exactly where their cargo is and even estimate the time it will arrive. The use of the 20 foot, 40 foot and pallets to package the cargo has made transportation all the more easier for all.