Shipping to Taiwan

Taiwan may be located just off the coast of Japan but it is actually considered part of China! There are a number of ports in the country which are capable of handling international shipping issues. They include Taichung, Taipei, Kaohsiung and Keelung; any of these can be used when you are ready to start shipping your belongings to Taiwan.

It is essential to have all the relevant paperwork ready before you start the shipping process. Your shipping company can help ensure you have all the necessary documents, if you are missing any your shipment can be delayed, rejected or a heavy fine can be imposed. One of the most important things you will need is your employment certificate; assuming you will be working in Taiwan as opposed to retiring. It is also important to be aware that all shipments are inspected; if you lock any of your boxes the locks will be broken to establish what is inside the box.

Perhaps even more importantly is the fact that you need to personally collect and sign for your shipment, you should be prepared to go as soon as the container arrives to avoid unnecessary delays.

You must also make sure you are aware of which items can be shipped and which are forbidden:

Electrical items are acceptable but, you must only ship one of each appliance; any additional ones will be subject to duty fees. All antiques, personal effects and general household items can be imported duty free; although they will all be checked on arrival.

You cannot bring any animal skins, or stuffed animals into the country. You must also ensure that you limit the food and medicine you intend to import; if you bring too much in it will be taxed and confiscated. Alcohol also requires a permit and will incur a large tax bill.

There is also the usual list of items which it is simple not permissible to bring in; these include weapons, pornography, communist articles, drugs or any other kind of contraband.

It is possible to import a vehicle into Taiwan; however, it is wise for you to consider whether it is worth shipping to Taiwan your current vehicle. The tax and duty can be as high as eighty percent of the value as decided by customs.

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