Limco Logistics, Inc. is an international transportation and logistics company headquartered in the USA. We have gained the trust of our customers by offering transportation solutions for more than two decades. With Limco’s wide network across the globe, we are capable of delivering your cargo to any location in the world. Our services come in all transport medium: Rail, Road, Ocean, and Air. Each consignment handled with top priority and our world class services will take care of every transportation need of your cargo. By choosing us, you will choose a reliable company which takes upon it the onus of loading, offloading and processing of your goods at ports and customs warehouses. You can sit back and relax when you give your cargo for transportation into the safe hands of Limco Logistics.

Some highlights of Limco’s services.

  • Air transport: Limco is associated with leading airlines of the world. Your goods will be delivered within the time frame with their global coverage. Safety of the cargo is also ensured.
  • Railroad: Sometimes multiple transport medium is required for delivering goods. Limco has good collaborations with railway system to fulfill its commitments.
  • Fragile and Hazardous Items: We take extreme care in handling such cargo.
  • Ocean freight: Limco is responsible for loading your cargo safely into shipping containers. It offers almost all types of container ship loading methods.
  • Live Load: A container is sent to your doorsteps for a couple of hours to load your goods. It is then brought back to the shipping terminal.
  • Drop Off: This method is same as Live Load. The difference is that it is sent to you for 2-3 days.
  • Warehouse or Terminal loading: You sent your cargo to your nearest warehouse from where it will be loaded in containers and brought to shipping terminal.
  • RORO: Using Limco’s roll-on roll-off service will give you the experience easy transportation of your vehicle or any other wheeled cargo.
  • Commercial and household services: You can trust Limco for LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) if you are shifting base internationally. It also serves for exporting and importing commercial cargo.
  • Cargo Management: This is another feature of our services. We ensure smooth functioning of entire process of your cargo’s transportation, till it is delivered properly.