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The world is shrinking and with it comes a need for reliable, international transportation companies, businesses which can offer the best service every time. Limco Logistics is based in USA and has global transport branches in Russia ( Moscow, St. Petersburg ) and Ukraine ( Odessa ). The company has developed extensive knowledge of the industry and an enviable reputation for getting the job completed on time and professionally. They are recognized as one of the best options for all your transportation needs, whether by air or by sea. In fact, they probably offer the best combination of price and value that you could find. There customer service is nothing short of excellent.

The firm will deliver any item; whether a personal piece, such as a car or even a diamond ring; they will also deliver confidential business documents or industrial equipment; all within any guidelines agreed. Limco Logistics are capable of transporting goods via road, rail or sea as well as on a plane - the choice is yours, depending on price and priority.

The company has a dedicated car transport section which will help you get your pride and joy where it needs to be. Regardless of how your precious cargo is being transferred, Limco Logistics will be there every step of the way; every detail will be taken care of to ensure a stress free delivery.

One of the most important reasons why Limco Logistics provides such an excellent service is due to the level of experience the company has. Regardless of whether you have a small item which needs to be delivered; or a container size shipment, the company will ensure every detail is provided for and taken care of. They have the experience and the equipment to ensure your goods are safe at all times. Every transport solution is personalized to your needs and the requirements of those you are delivering to. Every shipment is handled with the utmost care; it will arrive at is destination in the same condition it left.


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Rail Freight Forwarding

We have a professional team who is capable of providing online assistance and rail freight shipping solutions and services for all types of cargo.

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Overseas Cargo Shipping

Sea cargo shipping has been around for many centuries now. In the earlier years, all a person needed was to fill out a non-binding document with the captain of the transporting vessel.

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Air Freight Shipping Services

Air freight shipping is what drives the cargo business today. Thousands of tons are airlifted each and every day.