Best Among International Cargo Container Shipping Companies

Limco Logistics Inc. is a leader in worldwide container shipping. Our cargo shipping containers protect your goods and our international shipping rates are very reasonable. Call toll free in the US: 1-877-599-5200.

We Serve All of Your Shipping Needs

Limco Logistics Inc. ships to any location in the world and will handle every aspect of the process for you. We will load or offload a shipment at your home or business; we also take care of the often complicated process of clearing your cargo with customs. Many container shipping companies leave the red tape and complex customs rules for you to deal with.Our website offers live tracking of shipments, precise dimensions of our cargo shipping containers, a currency converter, unit converter, and an air cargo calculator.

You can also get a free quote and read our bill of lading terms online.We ship everything from household goods to heavy machinery at competitive international shipping rates. Whether you are shipping bulldozers or frozen goods we have proven solutions to meet your needs. If you require refrigerated cargo shipping containers, dry ice, automobile containers, flat racks or open top containers Limco Logistics Inc. supplies everything needed to keep your shipment safe and secured.

Our Services

We ship via air, railroad, cargo ship, truck, or any combination required to get that shipment to you on time.

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